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Make sure your vehicle is certified with smog testing from our emissions testing center. We inspect your car to make sure it has all of the parts required by the state, as well as test the emissions to ensure your vehicle is not releasing pollutant emissions from its tail pipe.

These tests help cut down pollution levels in the air, as well as help you keep your car running efficiently. We are capable of testing all types of vehicles, including diesel vehicles, cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, and RVs.

Smog Services Offered:

    • Fast service
    • 2 Machines
    • Free re-test with in 30 days
    • Free car wash
    • Smog check required at test only and Star certified
    • We smog Hybrids
    • We smog Diesel

Good Things To Know About Smog Check:

Smog check, smog test and emission check all refer to the same thing: a test of vehicle and its engine emissions performed at a licensed smog testing facility.
star-certifiedSmog checks are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whose goal is to protect public health and the environment from the dangerous effects of air pollution. In 1990, the Clean Air Act gave the EPA its authority to oversee states with respect to emissions.California is the only State that is allowed to adopt its own emissions standards and these are the toughest standards in the nation. Other States can either implement the Federal or the California emissions standards.
Most states require vehicle emissions testing every two years, but not every vehicle requires a smog check. In California, for example, whether or not a smog check is required depends on the type of vehicle, the model year, and the area in which the vehicle is registered. Vehicles that are six or less model years old are not required to have the biennial smog check.
California law requires a smog check if the vehicle registration renewal notice says “Smog Certification Required,” if the vehicle is being sold, or if the vehicle is being brought into California to be registered.

Let our professional friendly technicians serve you.

Lemon Grove Car Wash counts with Smog Check stations that meet higher performance standards established by the Bureau of Automotive Repair.The station is required to post a sign on the services it performs. Our auto smog check centers in Lemon Grove is STAR certified Test Only station.

FREE car wash with every purchase of oil change or smog.  


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